Our Engagement Day.

Today marks our one month-versary to our Engagement Day back in August 6th, 2016!

Let’s do a throwback to honor it, shall we?Our first meeting happened at a new employee recruitment at a Telecommunication company. Both of us didn’t show any interest to each other at that time, but then during our trainee period, we were assigned to the same branch office in West Jakarta. And that’s where we’re started to get closer. Little did we know, our family already knew each other. There’s a 6 years gap between us, and apparently he’s my brother’s friend from Junior High School. His father also happened to be my father’s senior at work. And so many more of those serendipitous moments. After 5 months knowing each other, he decided to make it official. Since the beginning, he said that he wanted this relationship to be a serious one. Considering I was 20 y.o at that time, I was nervous to make a huge decision this early. But then I said yes!

K + D Engagement-200

Fast forward to 2.5 wonderful years ahead, he finally decided to meet my parents to ask for their blessings. We’re so nervous but suddenly feel so relieved when my parents gave us the green light.

As we were preparing for our engagement day, I often gave him hints that I want to be proposed on my birthday. He act like he didn’t care though, up until I gave up on it. But then 3 days after my birthday, someone knocked on my room at night. When I opened the door, he was already down on one knee. “Just because a ring was too mainstream, I’d like to give you this Marie Biscuit Cake.” he said. “So…. Will you Marie me?”. Burst down in tears, I said “Yes!”.

K + D Engagement-205

The preparation for our engagement day only took about a month. As I have such a wonderful big family, I got some massive help from all of them. Starting from decoration, sound system, catering, and even acted as an Event Organizer (EO).

The thing that takes quite a lot of time was making a DIY Flower Paper as a photo booth backdrop. Fortunately I got some help from my sisters and started making it 2 weeks before the D-Day.

K + D Engagement-54

There are some moments worth to remember about the event that night. First, when he’s telling about our history (and he managed to make everyone laugh because some embarrassing thing I did back then). Second, when I made him sing to me with a guitar so I can come out of the room (and yes, now everyone laugh at him!). That took him by surprise though, since I didn’t tell him anything about it. Third, when he recited short poem that goes like this. (in Indonesian)

Ketika gelap, carilah lilin.

Bukan lilin yang kecil, melainkan lilin yang besar.

Jangan dipendam, kalau sudah yakin.

Ayo neng Anya, cepetan dong keluar.

K + D Engagement-150

K + D Engagement-225K + D Engagement-227K + D Engagement-164K + D Engagement-231K + D Engagement-235k-d-engagement-237k-d-engagement-239


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