The Engagement Vendors.

My engagement day’s will definitely not turn out to be amazing without these vendors.

Ranti Kebayak-d-engagement-2My favorite kebaya vendors of all time! Tante Ranti has been making my kebaya attire since I was 17 y.o, so surely she knows what’s best for me. And it turns out really well! Many of my friends admire the design and the details (just look at those sequins!).

Tiara Hanurinak-d-engagement-13Literally saved the day because my previous MUA cancelled on me on D-7. Thank God she was available! Her magic hand totally wows me and of course everybody that night.

Kkum.ik-d-engagement-260Gorgeous custom ring bearer I found online. They patiently responds to my requests and the result is oh-so-adorable!

Sucré Patissier & Lux Flower Designk-d-engagement-259Need I say more? This custom cake completely had me head over heels! Took me days to finally pluck up the courage to cut up this beauty.

Pivoine Flowershopk-d-engagement-262A bouquet of fresh flowers beautifully arranged by my favorite florist.Loving how they fusing many kinds of flowers into one masterpiece!

Seserahan Cintak-d-engagement-267My personal favorite gift box decorator! Mba Uty has been so kind and creative in decorating the boxes.

Hieros Photok-d-engagement-177Last but not least, our favorite mood-maker of the night! Many precious moments managed to be captured that night, totally worth recommending to everyone.

Big thanks to my 7 amazing vendors! Should you have any questions about them, feel free to drop by a comment(s).


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