[S&G] Kedai Ling-Ling – Sultan Agung, Bandung

It’s been awhile since my last visit to Kedai Ling-Ling! Started as a food stall on Cihampelas Street’s sidewalk on 2008, it has spread its wings to two big branches in Bandung, located on Sukajadi and Sultan Agung.

The newly renovated Sultan Agung branch now has a more comfortable and spacious space, along with cute and Japanese-style decoration.

Kedai Ling-Ling’s Sultan Agung indoor seating.
Cutie mural!

But worry not though, their iconic food stall still being preserved as their outdoor kitchen.

The iconic food stall as outdoor kitchen.

Kedai Ling-Ling offers wide variety of Asian food and dessert, from Japanese Ramen to Taiwanese dessert and Korean bingsoo. Today we’d like to reminisce our schooldays by ordering their longtime specialty menu.

Hot Spicy Shoyu Ramen (IDR 30K)

Despite being more expensive, the ramen taste the same as I remember when I was still a schoolgirl. The portion also quite big, but if you are a spice lover, prepare to be disappointed because the soup is not spicy at all.

Okonomiyaki Octopus (IDR 25K)

The highlight of the day! Been longing for quite some time to eat this again, and finally we did! The batter, filling, sauce, and topping mix well altogether in a bite, making this a perfect side dish. PS. Best eaten while hot.

We try their new menu!

Ebi Curry Rice (IDR 36K)

We’re trying their curry rice series, but apparently there’s too much carbo in a plate with only 2 fried prawns. But hey, it should be okay since we ordered that amazing okonomiyaki, yes?

Oishi Takeshumi (IDR 33K)

The plating of this desserts bowl is really appealing and made us wanna jump straight to dessert and skip main course! The bowl contains with lots of components such as grass jelly, tapioca pearl, Q-ball, mochi, fruits, and a scoop of charcoal ice cream.

Overall, our visit to Kedai Ling-Ling takes us down to memory lane with their specialties, while also being introduced to their new menu. You should stop by for a plate of pocket-friendly Japanese meal!

Kedai Ling-Ling
Jl. Sultan Agung No. 7
Bandung 40155
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.00
Twitter: @kling_ling


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