Honeymoon Trip – Japan (Day #1)

Been awhile since my last post due to the hectic of becoming a bridezilla for the past month, now I’ve finally tied the knot with my bf (stories uploaded soon!). After the wedding reception, we decided to reward ourselves to a 9D8N trip to Japan! Since we really have a good time there, I decided to write the complete itinerary which hopefully will help and inspire you to travel there. Well then, lets go!

Day #1. January 17th, 2017
Our trip actually began on January 16th, since we’re taking the midnight direct flight to Tokyo. Quite funny how we already geared up for the cold weather there, when most people seems to use their daily clothers. You may not see it, but we’re actually using 3 layers of clothes. 4 if you count the coat!

We’ve arrived at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport around 7.30 pm, so we had several hours left to do baggage check-ins and had dinner before departing right at 11.50 pm. Finally after 7 hours of long flight from Jakarta, we finally landed on Tokyo Haneda Airport!

Our happy (and tired) faces!

First thing we do were picking up our baggage (which was incredibly fast), and made a stop to the JR Office to buy a Suica card and do a top up. If you have a JR Pass, you might actually use it right now. We also had it, but we wanted to activate it later on the fourth day since we will be going to other cities (more on that later!).

Another funny story.. We intended to go to Tokyo Tower, but first we made a stop at Hamamatsucho Station to put our baggage in a locker. Turns out, there are only a few lockers and all of them are full! Being a really smart and optimistic person we were, we blindly decided to drag our luggage to Akabanebashi station, which according to maps is 16 mins away by foot. It should be okay, we guessed. But then we really didn’t prepare for the bitter truth, apparently the track include ramps, climbing stairs, even crossing the bridge with 2 x 13 kilos luggages. It’s only been 4 hours in Tokyo but our 9-days-worth-energy completely drained out.

Since it’s already noon, we decided to ditch the plan to Tokyo Tower for now and go straight to Ueno’s infamous Ameya Yokocho Market for lunch!

Ameya Yokocho Market

It’s been a daily quest for us to find halal food here. Since it’s almost impossible to find halal-certified restaurant, our best option was to find a restaurant or food stall with no pork menu in it. So, for today we got fresh strawberries, sashimi bowl, and takoyaki!

Fresh strawberries!
Sashimi bowl

After we got fueled up, it’s time to head back to Tokyo Tower! The place got two main attractions, the Tokyo One Piece Tower and the Observatory deck.

Quick Fun Fact:
The two-tone color is thought to be red and white, but actually, to be precise, the two colors are “international orange” and “white.” It is decided by aviation law that buildings over a certain height must use these colors. The present Tokyo Tower’s area even higher than the Main Observatory is separated into 7 equal parts, but this was 11 equal parts from when it was first built until 1986. (source)

But first, let us take a photo!
Tokyo Tower

At first, I’m pretty excited since we got to explore Tokyo One Piece Tower there, it’s been one of my main mission here. At the entrance, we are welcomed by the 360 Log Theater that features the Strawhats adventures until today. When we went inside, it turns out that the theme park divided into 4 area (1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floor), and each of the Strawhat crew has their own attraction (Chopper’s Thousand Sunny Tours, Brook’s Horror House, Zoro’s Soul of Edge, etc.).

Apparently I got my hopes quite high because it’s not exactly what I always pictured. Furthermore, the ticket price almost make it not worth it because it didn’t live up my expectations. But then again, I’m still quite happy to meet Luffy & Chopper and the rest of Strawhat crews!

Right after finishing exploring One Piece Tower, we decided to go to the Tokyo Tower Observatory Deck. Sadly the Special Observatory was closed for renovation, so we’re going to the Main Observatory Deck.

Tokyo city skyline
View from the Lookdown Window

After admiring the view, we decided to go pickup our luggage at Akabanebashi Station and check ourselves in to the hotel. It took 18 stops away to reach the place, and apparently it feels like on the countryside, quiet and peaceful.

After walking through the neighborhood for around 10 mins, we’ve finally reached the destination. The hotel has a ryokan vibe to it and we really loved it!

Realizing that the hotel didn’t have a restaurant, we were having a quick trip to search for dinner around Gotanno Station. Apparently most of the stores already closed on 8 pm. But then we spot this small taiyaki shop right in front of the station!

Still in search for dinner and desperate to find any open restaurant, luckily we noticed this small store on our way back to the hotel.

Kitchen Origin, part of Aeon group, offers wide range of food from bento, buffet, and snacks. They also had an affordable price and opens ’til late at night. Little did we know, Kitchen Origin will play a big part during our days in Tokyo since we almost buy our dinner and breakfast here!

Day #1. Expense

  • Suica Card (2 x ¥2000) = ¥4000
  • Top Up Suica (2 x ¥2000) = ¥4000
  • Fresh Strawberries ¥210
  • Half Salmon Sashimi Bowl ¥300
  • Half Tuna & Fatty Salmon Bowl ¥300
  • Takoyaki 4pcs ¥200
  • Tokyo One Piece Tower & Main Observatory Set Ticket (2 x ¥3900) = ¥7800
  • Luggage Locker (2 x ¥700) = ¥1400
  • Taiyaki Cream Custard ¥130
  • Taiyaki Anko (Red Bean) ¥140
  • Chicken Katsu Bento ¥399
  • Salmon Bento ¥436

Total Expense Day #1: ¥19,315
*Please note that the amount above exclude shopping and souvenirs expense


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