Honeymoon Trip – Japan (Day #2)

It’s the second day already, and today we are planning to explore Tokyo Disneyland!

Morning strollin’ to Gotanno Station

The trip from our hotel to Tokyo Disney Resort takes around 1 hour, so we took off from the hotel around 6.30 am, hoping that we won’t get too far from the park’s front gate. But apparently as the parks open right at 8 am, the queuing line was crazy enough for us to queue even though we had already purchased our tickets back in Indonesia.

Well, we finally managed to get into the park around 8.20 am, and as we took a peek to the park’s map, I literally gasp.

Tokyo Disneyland Map (Source)

Where should we even start? There’s no way we could explore all of them on one day. But then after a quick discussion, we decided to turn right to enter Tomorrowland area. As you may have guessed, this area has a futuristic vibe into it, with all the white and silver colored decoration, and not to mention a lot of spaceships. This area has quite a bunch of main attractions, including Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!Buzz Lightyear’s Astro BlastersStar Tours: The Adventures Continue, and Space Mountain. We’ve only got to play the first three of them though, since apparently, as I have mentioned earlier, the queue line was crazy! It’s not even holiday or weekend, but there’s still a lot of people came by.

Took a selfie while queueing won’t hurt, right?

Quick Tip:
Don’t be fooled by the queue line! Although some attractions may look like have short queue line, they may actually have a bigger and longer line inside the building, just like Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. We ended up finished playing in 2 hours!

Since it’s already noon, we decided to have a lunch, and we thought our choice were the perfect one! The smoked turkey legs can be found on the Westernland area’s booth 19. It’s actually bigger than it looks, and quite tasty too! The reason why it’s the best choice was because you can eat them while you’re queueing. One way to save some time! Oh, and don’t forget to eat it while it still hot! The meat will be harder to chew once it gets cold, especially when it’s winter and the wind is all over the place.

Smoked turkey legs

Alright, off we go to the next area, Fantasyland! The area’s signatures include Peter Pan’s FlightSnow White’s AdventuresHaunted Mansion, and of course, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt!

Beautiful Pooh’s Giant Stroybook!

There’s nothing much on Critter Country area though, however the Splash Mountain ride is recommended. Totally not expecting the splash of really cold water! Anyway, a snack in between the rides was a good idea to warm your belly.

Churros Cart

Oh, apparently there were already a bunch of Disneyland staffs putting up lines and directing the traffic, which means it’s time for the Daytime Parade! In this occasion, it happened to be the Happiness Is Here Parade!

Why so serious, dear? It’s the happiest place on earth, after all!

The parade is a park-wide program, where the group took a tour along the route from Critter Country to Toontown through the Cinderella Castle. Many characters from Disney movies join the parade, such as Lilo & Stitch, Finding Nemo/Dory, Toy Story, Snow White & The 7 Dwarves, Pinocchio, Three Little Pigs, Aladdin; along with Goofy as their leader!

Few things I noticed from the parade.. Had Woody and Jessie been that chubby? Haha nvm though, all of them were still adorable! Well, continue on to Westernland area, the eye catching ride would be Big Thunder Mountain which resembles a huge abandoned old mine.

Big Thunder Mountain ride on Westernland area

It’s already sunset when we finished the ride, so we decided to end the day playing a much relaxed ride, such as Pirates of the Caribbean on Adventureland. Wasn’t expecting much from it but apparently it successfully wowed us!

Mandatory photo in front of Cinderella Castle

Apparently when it’s getting dark, the lights on the park were turned on and it’s beautiful!

Pretty lights

After the park closed down, we buzzed off to Ginza for a night stroll and dinner, of course! It took approximately 30 mins to reach the destination. Finally, we can enjoy Tokyo nightlife here!

Ginza is famous for its upscale shopping, entertainment, and dining district; with people bustling both on streets and sidewalk. You can find renowned brands like Luis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, Hermes, Zara, Uniqlo, Apple Store, etc. Our stomachs growled after strolling around, so we decided to have a dinner at this place!

Luckily, Asakusa Tendon Tenya didn’t have any pork menu so we’re pretty much relieved. Aside from it’s tasty food, the prices were quite affordable too!

After having dinner, we decided to call it a night, since we still have much more adventures tomorrow!

Day #2. Expense

  • Disneyland’s Tickets (2 x ¥7400) = ¥14800
  • Disneyland’s Caramel Popcorn ¥310
  • Disneyland’s Smoked Turkey Leg (2 x ¥700) = ¥1400
  • Disneyland’s Chocolate Churros ¥360
  • Disneyland’s White Churros ¥360
  • Tendon ¥500
  • Hot Soba Tendon ¥670
  • Top Up Suica (2 x ¥1000) = ¥2000

Total Day #2 Expense : ¥ 20400
*Please note that the amount above exclude shopping and souvenirs expense


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